Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hmong Hill Tribe

The village of Phaton where we slept the night
Paul and I signed up for an overnight trek and homestay at a Hmong village high in the mountains above Nong Khiaw. The Hmong people are one of the larger tribal groups in SE Asia having migrated south from China in the 17th century.

Children, hoping for treats, are ready to welcome us
Children seemed to have the run of the village as most adults were out working in the fields when we arrived. They were a little shy of the five tall strangers who showed up with gifts, but soon they were chasing the balloons we brought around the village.

Rather than candy, we brought balloons, pens and notebooks as gifts

We began the 2nd day of our trek high above the clouds

The 7-hour trek home took us through bamboo forests and rice fields

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