Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Zealand

A green land soaked with sun and rain

 After our first four days in New Zealand I have to say that everything I've heard about this place is true! Beautiful scenery. Very friendly people. Lovely climate. Fascinating avifauna (more about that later).

New Zealand is the land of ferns. The silver fern is the country's national symbol and is on three of the five finalists for the country's new flag design. They can grow to be as big as trees.

I wondered why it was called the "silver" fern until I turned a frond over.
The Auckland skyline
For a small country of only 4.5 million people, isolated by vast oceans, New Zealand seems to be doing rather well. Auckland, the largest city with 1.4 million people, is a bustling multicultural place. Our time spent in the cafes, on the buses and wandering through the parks helped us understand why the locals spoke so highly of this very "livable" city.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wedding Bells

I was a very proud papa yesterday when my eldest son Daniel married Chelsey Burke, the love of his life. With a small gathering of family and friends around them, and his Aunt Jan officiating, they tied the knot at the Old Mill in Toronto.

A beautiful bride for a handsome groom!

A creative cake by Maid of Honour, Vanessa, with a Lego couple by Master Builder, Daniel!
Proud father and mother of the groom with his bride
A bride's bouquet up for grabs! Any takers?