Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Ephemerals in 3-D

With the help of Val Harrison and Kathleen Wall, I set up my 3-D exhibit of wildflower prints at Guelph's new Civic Museum today.
These are anaglyph prints that I first showed in Toronto in 2003. 
You need red/blue glasses to see them properly.

Trout Lily and Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Male and female Early Meadow Rue

The museum has asked me to do a 3-D talk and presentation for kids during March Break. This exhibit, called Spring Ephemerals: Ontario's Native Wildflowers will be on display to August 31st.
Val and the photographer

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mary Kielbiski 1924-2012

After a short but terminal illness, Gail's mother Mary died last night. She was much loved by her four children and nine grand children who all came to her bedside to be with her as her strength slipped away. She was a beautiful woman, with a warm heart and generous spirit. She will be missed.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day in Montreal

I drove to Montreal yesterday to deliver George Hunter's exhibition prints to a gallery on Sherbrooke Street, and to see my son Trevor. George's exhibit, THE EVERYDAY LIFE OF THE INUIT IN 1946, starts Feb. 16th and runs to March 17th. Do check it out if you can.

This morning I took a stroll down Sherbrooke, past all the eye-catching art galleries, to have lunch with my cousin Robin and his lady Terry.

They share a beautiful apartment in the 'Chateau' (photo below) next door to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
3D Xview: scuplture with the Chateau behind

After lunch my son Trevor and I took a hike up Mount Royal through the quiet winter woods.

There's some snow in Montreal - more than Oakville, which has none. But it's nothing compared to the deep snow that Montrealers are used to struggling with at this time of year. Global warming.
Trevor with his well-used telescope

Trevor pulled out his telescope and pointed it at Venus and Jupiter which were bright in the clear sky above his balcony.

Jupiter was accompanied by its four moons - Ganymeade, Callisto, Io and Europa  - looking like tiny pin-pricks of light - all lined up in a row.

Venus looked oddly shaped. Not quite round. Trevor, the family astronomer, explained that Venus goes through phases, just like the moon. I did not know that!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trumpeter Swan

The trumpeter swan, once nearly extinct, is doing quite well in LaSalle Park on the shores of Hamilton Harbour. These swans typically migrate but some prefer to overwinter here - with the help of handouts - before flying north in March.

The swans with the bright orange beaks are mute swans, a non-native specie, common along the shore.

The trumpeters are tagged with yellow labels to track their migration patterns.

cross-view 3D version