Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving in Alma NB

Family & Friends sit down for Thanksgiving dinner
What a blessing it is to have family to visit in rustic regions like Alma New Brunswick! My son Trevor and I spent the last few days with my sister Karen Casey and her extended family at their hotel on the Fundy Coast. It was a truly delightful time of good hiking, fine foods and great company!

The coastline around Alma NB

Fall colours were everywhere you turned
My fellow nature explorers: Trevor with his cousin Alexandra

We went on a photo safari to nearby Hopewell Rocks
This river near Cape Enrage was flowing upstream as the tide came in!
Dickson Falls in Fundy National Park
Turkey vultures hanging out at a local cemetery

Turkey Vultures close up

Fishing boats by the Salmon River in Alma NB

Friday, October 2, 2015


I had a colonoscopy this week and asked Dr. Arya (an excellent physician) not to sedate me. I wanted see what he saw on the large monitor as he explored my large colon looking for and removing polyps (small wart-like growths).

It was truly fascinating! I saw and learned a lot. The colon's tissue is very similar to the inside of your cheek. Blood vessels run very close to the surface and there are many muscular ridges visible. Dr. Arya pointed out the opening to the appendix and another from the small intestine. He took his time to look for polyps and removed six small ones.

If you haven't had a a colonoscopy recently, ask your doctor if you're due for an inspection. And if you're not the nervous type, I highly recommend taking the journey through your "inner passage" while awake.