Friday, September 30, 2016

Horseshoe Lake & Gull River

I spent a week in the Haliburton Highlands this September at a cottage on peaceful Horseshoe Lake.

Each morning I got up early to watch the spectacular sunrises over the misty lake.

 The evening moonrise over the lake was not as glorious but very serene.

Sometimes little "nature interventions"  happened unexpectedly, like these mating  dragonflies that landed on my hand one afternoon.

When I went exploring the Gull river, which flows out of Horseshoe Lake, I saw a beautiful Great Blue Heron, in full mating plumage, lurking in the shadows.  I had never seen such 'blue' coloration on a GBH before.

Normally wary of humans, this fellow let me approach quite close until a dog arrived and then he was gone.

The Gull River is also the site of a world-famous white water racing course and I was fortunate enough to see an actual race in progress while I was there. 

The skill and strength of the kayakers was very impressive and fun to watch!