Saturday, April 4, 2015

Turning 65

Trevor, Chelsea, Daniel, Simon, Gail, Heather and Megan
I don't know why 65 is a milestone year, the way 40 and 50 were. Perhaps it's the "officially a senior citizen" thing. Never-the-less, I decided to make a party out of it, as big and as fun as possible. So we rented a bar downtown, decorated it, and filled it with 90+ people: friends and family that I know and love.

It was a blast! Free drinks and Mexican food flowed all evening. The DJ played dance hits from 60s to the present. Gail read some thoughtful messages from friends who couldn't be there. Then I came out as "a really old me", with a long beard and cane, to tell a few ageist jokes ("my back goes out more than I do") and introduce the rap video that I had made for my 40th birthday party, 25 years ago. People weren't sure it was me on the screen!

A huge birthday cake followed, loaded with candles blazing away. I had a wonderful time. And the pictures below will forever remind me what a fun evening it was!

a Bueno Brothers selfie: Ross, Simon, Lawrence and Paul
with Gail, Michele and Nicolas
with Larry & Eric: co-workers at AV House in the early 80s

with the lovely Megan Barker

Vicky, Tom, Melodie and Gary: Focus on Nature friends