Monday, January 23, 2017

Life in Pai

The streets of Pai are quiet in the morning but become a food & drink street bazaar at night
After saying goodbye to travel companions Mark and Chuck in Chiang Mai, Paul and I were planning to head to the Laos border. Instead we met some French travellers who raved about a town called Pai and in the spirit of "going with the flow" we decided to go there too. We rented motor scooters for the 115 km (and 763 curves) ride up to Pai.
Our hut at Pai Homey had two beds, a shower and a great hammock to relax in
Pai is quite the party scene: thousands of young back-packers from around the world enjoying themselves in a bucolic setting. We found a little hut for rent for $24/night just a short walk across a bamboo bridge from the town.
A view from the road on our way to Pai
Two road warriors ready to roll!

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